Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Google, Virgin to Colonize Mars

Google Inc. and Virgin Group have launched of Virgle Inc., a jointly owned and operated venture dedicated to the establishment of a human settlement on Mars.

The Virgle 100 Year Plan's milestones will include Virgle Pioneer selection (2008-2010), the first manned journey to Mars (2016), a Virgle Inc. initial public offering to capitalize on the first manned journey to Mars (2016), the founding of the first permanent Martian municipality, Virgle City (2050), and the achievement of a truly self-sustaining Martian civilization with a population exceeding 100,000 (2108).

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Cisco CCNA Training Course said...

Just sopotted this and being posted on 1st April, wondered if it was an April's Fool joke.

Anyway, interesting reading - more gems please!